Jamel Mesbahi is a men’s clothing line that interprets sports clothing in an elegant and minimalistic way and takes the interpretation of an elegant sports clothing line to a completely new level. The collection also includes handmade bags and shoes and will follow an amazing color concept that allows clients to combine pieces of the collection to create their own individual style. The Jamel Mesbahi brand stands for custom-made, high quality, comfortable and elegant clothing that allows for a very personal shopping experience inside the store with the help of one of our stylists. 

Our Story

A creative space in Vienna for creative designers and artists to collaborate on high quality, comfortable and unique fashion pieces.

Opening Hours

  • Mon – Fri: 9AM – 6PM
  • Sat: 1PM-6:30PM
  • Sun: Closed

Help & Infomation

// @jonah wearing @jamelmesbahi’s “Moscow” Jacket in L o N d O n ✨
Where the magic happens ✨
@jamelmesbahi // Co-Founder & Lead Designer of the lab. You’ll find him at the studio everyday creating, with love ...

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